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    May the Lord truly bless each of you, for visiting our web site.  For 100 years we have preached the “Good News” through the self-same “Gospel of the Kingdom of God. Much credit goes to our founders, Pastor and Sis. Charles (Ada) Lochbaum, who were Divinely-called and inspired by the Lord to bring the Gospel to our Hawaiian



    The Apostolic Faith Church has grown significantly in magnitude and proportion, to now include our beautiful Temple of worship, a two-story complex (which embraces the parsonage, offices, Sunday School classrooms, music auditoriums, and restrooms), our unique and “one-of-its-kind in the state of Hawaii” Prayer Tower, and parking lot.  We have branch churches, fully established and presently functioning on the islands of Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Hawaii, and Kauai, and in Balogo (Cotabato) and President Roxas (Cotabato), the Philippine Islands.  The passion, for some admirers, is our weekly Kingdom of God Crusade Telecasts that can be viewed not only locally, but also in parts of California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, internet and by clicking on the TV Schedules & TV Sermon, our weekly telecast utilizing Ipod, "Podcast".


    From the inception of The Apostolic Faith Church in August 1923 all necessary financing has come from the Lord, the result of preaching and prayer, leading to voluntary contributions, tithes, and offerings.  Presently, there are plans for expanding and establishing the Kingdom of God Crusade Telecast all over the world, via satellite.  Another important undertaking we have projected for the future is renovating, extending, and enhancing the Temple to seat 3,000, and house a television stations to produce and air our telecasts;  after all, nothing is impossible with the Lord.  Another project, we pray will become reality soon, is the relocation of the Maui Branch Church.


   As the Head Pastor today, I have total confidence and trust in the Lord, that He will lead, direct, and provide us with the means to accomplish and succeed in every future aspiration of the Gospel work.  In spite of the labors that remain, we still can’t help but say, “Come quickly, Lord!”


    Head Pastor and Chairman Of

           the Board of Trustees


     William M. Han, Jr.






Leonard K.Y. Asano, Sr., Kauai Branch Pastor


Edwin H. Sproat, Sr., Associate Pastor


Roslyn L. Han

Bobbi Lynn K. Eugenio


What Is The Gospel?

1.  Jesus Saves

2.  Jesus Heals

3. Jesus Baptizes and Filling one with the Holy Ghost.

4. Jesus Is Coming Soon.

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 2778

Honolulu, HI  96803

Phone:  808-847-5902


Email: jesuscomingsoon@hawaii.rr.com


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Schedule of Gospel



Sunday School for all ages begins at 9 A.M.


Sunday, gospel services start at  10 A.M. and at 7 P.M. (Divine Healing to follow)


Every Tuesday and Friday at 7 P.M.


Every Wednesday at our branch church in Kaimuki at 7 P.M.


Prayer services are held daily in the Prayer Tower at 2 P.M., except on Fridays, at 10 A.M.